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Docket Items

  • Receipt Number 622025, Fee Amount $40.00 RE: 1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) filed by Debtor Itsva Cerritos (nr, usbc) (Entered: 04/20/2011)
  • Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition with deficiencies. Receipt Number 622025 in the amount of $40. Filing Fee in the Amount of $1039.00 Filed by Itsva Cerritos. (nr, usbc) (Entered: 04/20/2011)
  • Statement of Social Security Number(s) filed by Debtor Itsva Cerritos (nr, usbc) (Entered: 04/20/2011)
  • Order to Update (Re: 1 ). Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition Matrix Due 4/25/2011. Corporate Vote due by 4/27/2011. Certificate of Credit Counseling Due: 5/4/2011. 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors due 5/4/2011. Schedules A-J due 5/4/2011. Statement of Financial Affairs due 5/4/2011. Summary of schedules...
  • Court Certificate of Mailing. RE: 3 Order to Update (nr, usbc) (Entered: 04/20/2011)
  • Order Approving Payment of Filing Fees In Installments. First Installment Payment due by 5/20/2011. Second Installment Payment due by 6/20/2011. Final Installment Payment due by 7/19/2011. (nr, usbc) (Entered: 04/20/2011)



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