Custom Reporting Tools for Bankruptcy Professionals provides custom reporting, online access, updates, e-mail alerts and much more. Everything you need to generate solid leads, organize the information, and stay informed.

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Everything you need to know about the cases you care about, including:

  • Detailed bankruptcy dockets
  • Access to bankruptcy documents
  • Email updates
  • Advanced searching
  • Detailed descriptions

Advanced Reporting

Know more, more quickly with completely customized reports, including:

  • Claims Trading Report
  • Custom Docket Report
  • Near Real Time Docket Event Reporting
  • Custom Alerts and Reporting

Advanced Data Access

Consume the data the way you want no matter your level of expertise, including

  • Custom REST-type APIs
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Online datatables
  • Emails

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Proudly Serving Many Industries

Investors & Claims Traders

Law Firms & Professionals

Auctioneers & Turnaround Professionals

Financial Institutions

We actively collaborate with our clients to develop and distribute additional datasets.

Publicly available projects include: